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Maurizio Vertova

Italian Handbags and accessory designer Maurizio Vertova - Leather handbags designer from Milan Italy


Maurizio Vertova is an Italian freelancer handbags and accessory designer from Milan who operates in Italy and abroad ( mainly Hong Kong and China ). He’s specialized in handbags, suitcases, backpacks, satchels, wallets in leather, canvas, pvc, pu, nylon, ecological and recycled materials.


Designer handbags and accessories by Maurizio Vertova. Wallets, briefcases, backpacks and belts. Maurizio has been a fashion designer since 1980 forking from Visionary anti-stress Milan. Totally independent and so consequently self-employed painter and experimenter...

Call: 852 67395306

Tel. +39 0331 441773
Cell. +39 346 3317369
Skype: chitarre
[email protected]t

Sito internet:

via delle rose 22/24
Legnano (Milano)

Maurizio Vertova Quotes:

"In the next life I want to be a cat. Sleep twenty hours a day and expect that you will give to eat. Sitting around to lick his ass. Humans are poor , angry and fixed."

"Fell in one of my pathetic closures . Often, with human beings , good and bad , my senses simply fall off , they get tired : I give up . They are polite. I sign it . I pretend to understand, because I do not want to hurt anyone . This is the weakness that gave me the most trouble. Trying to be kind to others, I often find myself with the soul tapes, reduced to a kind of noodle dish spiritual . It does not matter ... My brain closes. Listening . Reply. And I'm too dumb to realize that I'm not there ..."

"I've never found a true friend. With women , each time was a new hope, but what happened the first time. I knew it immediately stopped look for the ' dream girl ' , I had only one that was not ... A nightmare. "


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Šajā lapā ir saites uz citām lapām. Lai gan mēs norādām saites uz šīm lapām, mēs neesam atbildīgi par šo citu lapu saturu.

Maurizio Vertova design

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